Awards Sales

Awards Sales

Many industry awards take place towards the end of a hectic year, or as part of an exhibition or business event, in order to recognize outstanding or meaningful impact of organizations, individuals, and leadership within the industry.

Organizing a successful awards ceremony starts way in advance, to ensure that sufficient quality nominations are submitted, in order to give the awards credibility and meaning.

After the nominations have been submitted, the process of reviewing a shortlisting starts simultaneous with the process of table sales, for the actual ceremony. This is an important aspect of any awards ceremony as it often is the main revenue generator of the awards.

Due to the seasonal character of (annual) awards, it may not practical to have full-time staff throughout the entire year just to cover the temporary workload around the awards.

Spex Asia provides seasoned and experienced award sales agents for a successful outcome of your awards. This can consist of:

-Building a database to target new prospects for different categories;

-Secure submissions and nominations for the different categories;

-Sell tables to shortlisted companies to bring in revenue;

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