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About Us

Spex Asia helps other companies with easy bolt-on, value adding telesales outsourcing services and expertise. At Spex Asia it’s the results that matter!

Our Mission:

Our expertise and pool of seasoned agents allow us to become a trusted partner and easy bolt-on extension to our client’s sales operations and ease or eliminate their sales burden.

People: We provide a supportive, unified and positive working environment. We continuously focus on developing skills of our agents through ongoing learning and training.

Processes: We are very process driven and as such very transparent. Through statistics and analytics, we assess and measure everything we do.

Results: We are results driven. All team members are expected to be accountable for what they do and to take responsibility for their performance and results.

Reliability and trust: We take client trust and data confidentiality very highly, as that allows us to build positive and long-term relations with our clients.


Spex Asia is unique in the sense that our business model revolves around the success of our clients. We charge our clients a monthly retainer fee to cover the basic costs of the sales rep + a set commission on successful sales.

This ensures that it is a low risk model for our clients (we make money when you make money!) and Spex Asia and our reps stay hungry and focused on delivering sales success and thinking pro-actively with our clients on how to achieve more successes.

GDPR – Spex Asia looks forward to the GDPR regulation being enforced. We believe the GDPR is good for users and good for the overall security of the Internet and we have always been acting in line with its main principles.

Click HERE to review Spex Asia’s GDPR statement of compliance.