Spex Asia

Sales Performance EXcellence

Excellence through outsourcing

Spex Asia’s world class outsourced sales services allow you to focus on your core competency while using our Sales Performance Excellence as a ‘bolt-on’ service to maximize your revenue.  With seamless call center technologies, your customers will always feel like they are communicating directly with you, as we become an extension of your own staff.  We excel at looking after your telesales, telemarketing and data-mining related activities.

Spex Asia is unique in the sense that our business model revolves around the success of our clients. We charge our clients a monthly retainer fee to cover the basic costs of the sales agent + a set commission on successful sales.

This ensures that it is a low risk model for our clients (we make money when you make money!) and Spex Asia’s reps stay hungry and focused on delivering sales success and thinking pro-actively with our clients on how to achieve more success.

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Conference and Event Sales

Expand your sales staffing capabilities without the burden of full-time permanent hires.

Media and Sub sales free

Subscription and Media Sales

The cost savings realized through outsourced media & publication subscription sales can be enormous.

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Outbound Sales Calls

If your business relies on successful outbound calls or cold calls, Spex Asia has the expertise and experience to set you up for success.

appointment setting

Appointment Setting

Spex Asia provides highly skilled appointment setting services to help maximize your large account managers’ time for client facing activities. Let us do the legwork in setting up the appointments for you!

Leads Generation

Lead Generation

Our highly skills call center team, with the use of state-of-the-art technologies, help generate leads for our clients’ marketing and sales campaigns.

Data Cleansing Free

Data Cleansing

Over the course of time, customer contacts move from one place to another; we track down the right information and hand the data off to you to add to your current CRM or database system.

Awards Sales

Spex Asia provides seasoned and experienced awards sales agents to support in a successful outcome of your awards!