Article: What makes a good outsourcing partner?

What makes a good outsourcing partner, for your sales operations?

A good outsourcing partner does more than just provide a seat, a phone and computer access with a desk at a fixed price. They should add value to your operations through their involvement and leaning on their experience and structure already in place, such as:

  • Resourcing and recruitment capabilities
  • Day to day management of the operations
  • Able to solve problems as they come up and be solution focused
  • Be a reliable partner that will help you to continue and build further on your existing operations without disruptions
  • Be actively involved in your operations set up (at least at the start)

Once you can find this, you can be sure that this partner will add value to your operations. That is not to say there won’t be any further issues down the line. The question is, will there be someone to help you deal with these issues as they come up, when you are not physically present, or will it all come down to you, to deal with it?

Having a partner that is involved with what you do, will look at building a long-term relationship rather than just trying to make a quick buck at the end of each month.

Make sure, when considering a sales outsourcing partner, that you are important to their business and fit in with their plans (if you are too small for them they may not be really concerned with your business; if you are too big for them there is a risk they can’t handle it);

Before making a decision, ask them about contingencies and situations that may occur; what kind of back up and support do they have in place for you?

Once you have the right set up with a partner that can serve as a foundation for your sales outsourcing initiative, a partner who you can trust and who knows your business well, you will free a lot of your time to focus on things like developing staff skills and setting up processes that support your operations and team. With that, you should then start to see that it’s possible to lower the cost of sales, increase the revenue and remain focused on delivering a customer experience that your customers deserve, and make it a successful partnership for the long run.