Spex Asia’s 2019 review

Spex Asia’s 2019 review and thank you to our clients

A big thank you to all our clients, partners and everyone we have worked with over the past 4 years!

Spex Asia is turning 4 this month and we are extremely proud and grateful to have worked with so many great companies on various campaigns providing world class telesales and lead generation outsourcing services, since our establishment in 2016.

With the New Year underway, we are fully focused on a new and exciting year, with all its opportunities and challenges it will bring. We look forward to continue deliver results on all the different campaigns we work on, alongside a growing pool of clients, with our world class team of specialised telemarketing and lead generation agents.

2019 was a big year for us during which we helped many clients, overseeing their telemarketing and lead generation operations. It’s been greatly satisfying for all parties involved to work closely with our clients on some very successful campaigns:

“It was a pleasure working with Spex Asia, who stepped in to assist us on a high-level, targeted project. Their prompt attention to emails, our requests & flow of information was exceptional, and the overall results helped to make our event successful.  In general, a very easy group to work with that I would highly recommend!” – World Services Group 

This is precisely why we started an outsourcing business, as it allows us to help our clients with specific telemarketing and lead generation expertise, while our clients can focus on other core aspects of running events or their operations.

Our team also remains a cohesive group of dedicated and specialized telemarketing and lead generation professionals. Without them none of the work could be done, so it is great to see that several of our agents, who have joined Spex Asia back in 2016 (our ‘pioneers’), are still with us, and will be reaching their 4th anniversary this year!

This consistency within our team allows us to build on their knowledge and experience, which again helps our clients in running successful campaigns. We look forward to keep building more success stories with our team this year:

“As they say, comfort zone is a beautiful place…but growth and learning doesn’t happen there. With Spex, every-time I’m given a new campaign, I feel that I’m stepping out of my comfort zone. Spex gives me the opportunity to continuously grow as an individual and as a sales person. I am grateful to the entire team for recognizing my efforts. I’m glad the campaign was a success and I enjoyed being part of it”. – Lino

“In my years working with Spex Asia, I have learnt so many things and I can say my sales skills have improved a lot with all the training sessions here. I am thankful to the team for enhancing my sales skills & techniques”. – Randy

Thank you to all our clients and partners. We look forward to continue working together and achieve more memorable successes this year!

Happy Chinese New Year of the Rat. Huat Ah!


Daniel Malkiewicz Director – Spex Asia