Reduce Reuse Recycle

The 3Rs: Reduce. Reuse . Recycle

In an ongoing effort towards environment conservation, Spex Asia participated in the 3R Engagement Session for Event Organisers in June 2019, organized by National Environment Agency, Singapore.

At the session, the meaning and importance of the 3Rs – Reduce, Reuse & Recycle, was explained. If everyone realizes the importance of this concept and starts implementing it in their day-to-day and work life, the impact on environment conservation will be huge.

Reduce means that we minimize the use of non-degradable products and switch to degradable, sustainable and environment friendly products. The most common non degradable product used all over the world is plastic which takes many years to decompose. To avoid usage of plastic, we should carry reusable bags when we go out for shopping. We also need to avoid wastage and should buy and use things only which are useful.

Reuse, it means that we should try to use things again before disposing it off in the nature. For eg. Paper of any kind can be reused in multiple ways. We can also buy used furniture, electronics, vehicle etc. instead of buying new ones. Similarly, before disposing off these things after use, consider selling it to another buyer. This way, we not only prevent these things from getting disposed, but also prevent polluting in the environment which happens in making these products.

Recycle, it means that instead of disposing recyclable products into the bin, we sort our waste material and collect it separately and then recycle it. There are plants which are set up specifically for recycling. Some items that can be recycled are metal, paper, glass bottles, aluminium cans, newspaper etc. Once used, these items, can be sent for recycling for making other finished products. This way, we not only consume less energy in making these finished products but also use less natural resources and thereby saving more resources for future generations.

Spex Asia not only believes in environment conservation, but also implements measures which are needed to save our environment in every possible way. We also endeavour to make all our team members aware of the 3Rs, so they do their bit and spread awareness on this alarming environmental issue.