Q3 2019 Review

Q3 traditionally is our busiest Quarter, and it certainly lived up to that…

We are on track for another record-breaking year in terms of the outsourced sales revenue we will bring in on behalf of our clients, as well as in terms of appointments set and guests invited for our clients’ events!

This will be a big achievement for Spex Asia as it shows that more clients are entrusting us with handling their sales operations, appointment setting and guesting activities, which is exactly our aim and purpose as a telesales outsourcing company!

One recent success story came from a large and very successful conference that our agents had worked on. They attended the conference as well and during the conference they already started to promote next year’s conference to try and secure some very early bookings. They were able to successfully sell several delegate tickets for next year’s event! At the same time, the agents were able to interact with the delegates they had onboarded, to gain further insights and understanding of what drives the delegates to attend such events. All in all, it was a very successful conference and we look forward to help growing the event even further next year.

By working with Spex Asia, our clients can continue to focus on their core tasks and activities, while Spex Asia looks after the telesales activities through our growing and successful sales teams.

As for the final quarter of the year, we look forward to finishing the year strong. The team is expanding with several new campaigns and projects to work on, so we are aiming to finish the year strong and in record-breaking style!

Daniel Malkiewicz – Director Spex Asia