Q1 2020 Review – Spex Asia: Accept & Adapt

The new smart casual dress code: Shirt and underwear

Not that long ago, most people were saying that mass working from home is not possible and not feasible.

Within a few weeks’ time we’ve seen entire industries, including the BPO and Call Center industry of the Philippines, successfully transitioned to a work from home situation (due to restrictions imposed by the covid19 virus).

This shows how people, businesses and industries will always (and rapidly) adapt and find ways to deal with a new reality, proving that it is possible for many companies and industries to work from home.

Not that long ago, most people were saying that successful business events, exhibitions and conferences, must have a physical location and presence for all people involved, in order to be able to interact, connect, learn and network. Not that long ago, dressing smart, applied to your entire attire, not just what can be seen through the camera of your laptop.

With all the restrictions and measures in place, it’s impossible now to hold physical business events. As a result, we are seeing how the industry is adapting and finding new ways to deal with the reality we find ourselves in, proving that is possible to interact, connect, learn and network successfully, even if everyone is not physically present at one location.

During these times, we’re being forced to rethink what we thought were ‘truths’ and ‘certainties’ about our business practices and behaviour as well as about our industry in general.

The MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Events) industry will not cease to exist, but we should not expect it to go back and be the same as before the crisis. These are exciting times, where we still don’t know the outcome, of what the MICE industry will look like on the other side of the crisis. What new norms will be adapted and which new players, technologies and standards for the MICE industry will emerge? How will event organizers engage their audiences and ensure that real value add takes place during events? How will audiences engage with each other and what will they look for when attending virtual events?

Those companies that are pro-actively taking steps and making efforts to adapt, may not get it right at the first try, but the learning curve they are going through will give them a competitive edge, compared to those organizations that are taking a more cautious wait-and-see approach, until the industry bounces back.

A lot of marketing and travel budgets have hardly been tapped into this year, so once the opportunities arise, companies will be ready to start spending again to make up for lost time these last few months.

While many of our clients are undergoing some transformation, Spex Asia continues to provide support through our world class telemarketing, lead generation and appointment setting services, to help our client reach their target audiences and to help them get through this transitional period.

Thanks, and stay safe!

Daniel Malkiewicz