Lead Generation

Lead Generation

Every sales and marketing campaign relies on a good database. No matter how good the product, business development team and market conditions are, if you are not able to reach your target audience, no one will find out or hear about you.

At Spex Asia we understand the importance, and value of a good database. Over the years we have helped countless of companies world-wide to build and maintain their database with our thorough and accurate Lead Generation capabilities.

Spex Asia does not own any (existing or old) database. Every lead gen campaign that we work on, is built from scratch, based on the latest and most accurate information available. Therefore, our data never becomes stale, and remains up to date, when we send it to our client.

We use different methods to research and build data, from online research, to phone research and make sure that info such as email addresses are verified before sending it back to our client.

Making sure that the contacts have Opted-in and are therefore GDPR compliant is also part of our service offering and quality assurance.

Spex Asia has developed a unique database building methodology, where specifically developed algorithms and Artificial Intelligence allow us to standardize certain parts of our data collection process. Human interaction then comes into play when it comes to contacting companies directly and supplementing missing info or getting Opt-In approval.

This unique combination of artificial and human intelligence allows us to provide you with the highest quality and validity of leads for your sales and marketing campaigns.

If you would like to discuss a potential Lead Generation or List Research project, feel free to contact us for a discussion.

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