Keeping Control of the Conversation

I had a long sales call, but did not manage to extract much information from my prospect…

Sales agents will often be very pleased when they finish a long conversation with a potential client, especially when they were able to answer most of the questions asked by the prospect.

When asked how the call went, they will say it went very well since they had a long conversation and were able to answer and clarify all the questions their prospect had asked them.

However, they are not sure about what useful information they were able to uncover during the call. All they did was focus on answering questions!

There is nothing wrong with getting questions during a sales call (it’s probably even a good sign if it happens since the prospect is showing such interest), but this should not be confused with a good sales call. A good sales call allows you to find out what challenges your prospect has, so you can sell against those challenges and needs.

If a seller only addresses the prospect’s questions, it means they let go of the call control and can only hope the buyer will ask the right questions during that call. In order to maximize a sales call, it is crucial to stay in control of the call, and to keep probing by asking the right questions.


If a client starts taking over control of the call by asking questions even before they know the details of what you want to offer them, answer the question and follow it up immediately with a question of your own, so that the prospect will shift their focus on answering your question.

You know the prospect has at least some level of interest, so this way you can explore a bit more before offering them a solution.

Once they have reviewed and considered a potential solution that you suggest, ask them if they have any questions that you can then answer in order to take away any concerns or hesitation they may have.