Green Initiative by Spex Asia

According to a study conducted by the University of Queensland in Australia “Plastic is killing more than 1.1 million seabirds and animals every year”. Moreover, around 700 species of marine life are on the verge of extinction because of exponential increase in plastic consumption which is then disposed off in water bodies, thereby polluting it with harmful chemicals and disturbing the marine life.

Looking at such alarming facts and figures, Spex Asia has taken an initiative to reduce their plastic consumption on everyday basis. For a start, employees of Spex Asia have been requested to stop buying tea/coffee/other drinks in plastic containers, instead get in a habit of bringing their own cups for their everyday drinks, thereby they cut down their usage of at least 2 plastic cups every day.

This initiative was taken 6 months back and we are proud to say that so far, we have refrained from using close to 600 plastic cups as the employees are now bringing their own cups! As such we ensured that around 600 cups were not disposed off into the sea. According to National Geographic, plastic comprises a massive 73% of the entire beach litter. This litter comprises plastic bottles, cigarette butts, wrappers of food packets, grocery bags and much more. If each individual pledges to avoid even one cup per day, it will make a such a huge impact that can avoid majority of the plastic litter going into water bodies.

We endeavour to continue following this practice in the future as well and keep encouraging our employees to cut down their usage of plastics in as many ways as possible eg. prefer using own shopping bag instead of buying multiple plastic bags while shopping, start using own lunch box instead of using disposable ones at Food Courts, prefer using reusable steel made cutlery and chopsticks instead of use and throw plastics etc.

These are some of the steps that we have initiated as our contribution towards a green and sustainable environment and look forward to taking more initiatives that bring our environment in a healthy state which is sustainable for all the species on land, air and water.