Data Cleansing

Database cleansing

A database with contacts details starts to get outdated from the moment it is created. People move from one company to another, companies change their names and addresses, people get promoted and phone numbers and emails keep changing.

Some research shows that up to 70% of a database could be out of date after one year, resulting in neglected sales opportunities. Other research shows an updated database with fresh researched leads can raise the overall lead-conversion rate by 30% (taken from: The Bureau of Labor; McKinsey & Company).

At Spex Asia we understand the importance, and value of an updated and accurate database. Over the years we have helped countless of companies world-wide to build and maintain their database with our thorough and accurate Data Cleansing capabilities.

Spex Asia assists businesses to ensure that their customer and prospect database is as up-to-date as possible. We help flesh out old data and refresh it with updated, correct information (name, title, company, phone numbers, & email address etc.).

Spex Asia uses a unique methodology to cleanse large amounts of data, including our automated list research capability to speed up the process and to ensure a consistent and high level of quality and accuracy. We will also do manual online and phone research to make sure all missing details are updated and accurate, at the time of research.

This unique combination of artificial and human intelligence allows us to provide you with high quality, consistency, and quantity of database cleansing services.

If you would like to discuss a potential database cleansing project, feel free to contact us.

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