Article: Is all Outsourcing Created, Equal?

Is all Outsourcing Created, Equal? No, and find out why…

Outsourcing is no longer a nascent industry, and while it has impacted or touched nearly all facets of the business world, not all call centers are created equal.  The size and focus of a call center which help industries outsource parts of their business, usually non-core functions, is varied.  Some call center hubs are miniature cities, staffing thousands of employees and handling everything from credit cards, insurance, time shares, mobile phone plans and more, while others decide to have a more narrowed focus with the aim of mastering the outsourcing process for one specific industry or function.

Many companies that search for outbound ‘telesales’ have faced propositions in which call agents are assigned to a campaign and have assured the client of ‘X’ number of dials per day…with little care or attention to actual results.  As long as the dials are met…the call center’s responsibilities have been met.

How much more desirable would it be to ensure that actual sales results are met, through a pricing model that is in fact skewed towards the concept of the client paying a majority of the fees only once the call center has delivered (sales)results).  Gone would be the days in which a client could be flogged by putting up fees with little to no accountability.

Focus is another key aspect of a sales outsourcing provider.   As mentioned above, many call centers will focus on all industries under the sun.  However, having a key focus area allows for refinement of a process that touches on the nuances of a very intangible industry This focus enables sales agents to learn the ‘ins and outs’ of one industry, and to hone their skills on the unique selling angles required for THIS specific industry.

This focus also means that ALL training is tailored towards learning one specific industry.  Reviewing taped calls to ensure that sales agents hear what they are doing well and not doing well, all in the effort to improve the sales process.

Coupled with a Weekly Review process for the client by a dedicated director or account manager is crucial to getting the transparency required for any call campaign.

If you are in the conference, trade show or expo industry, there is no reason to take chances with a random call center whose agents are assigned to sell everything under the sun.  You deserve to have (conference) industry veterans nurture and grow your conference revenue, while minimizing the risk associated with outsourcing an important, but high maintenance function such as Sales.