A letter from the Director 2018

As we are nearing the end of the year, we can reflect and look back on a successful and exciting 2018 for Spex Asia.

We have achieved lots of milestones this year: From the growing number of seats our call center is having, to revenue we have brought in for our clients, to number of agents who have passed their 2 year mark with Spex Asia and successfully continue to grow and develop with us into their 3rd year!

From the market’s perspective, the biggest impact this year on the entire telesales and marketing industry globally has been without a doubt the implementation of GDPR, (European Data Protection Regulation), which regulates how personal data of individuals in EU territory gets collected and used.

Even though the regulation covers only individuals in EU territory, the general expectation is that other regions globally will follow suit with similar regulation and therefore most multinational companies (both in the US and in Asia) have adopted and adapted to much more stringent guidelines and policies with regards to data usage and privacy policies.

This had a profound impact on lots of companies. In some cases, entire databases had become unusable, and needed to be built up from scratch, according to the new guidelines.

The upside for us was off course that telesales continued to be of prominent importance as a way to reach out to (potential) clients, as long as the guidelines and regulations around data protection and privacy are being followed.

From a company perspective it was great to see the return of many clients who needed only seasonal, or temporary, support on some short term campaigns. This means that our clients were satisfied with the service and performance they received and entrusted us to handle a telesales campaign for them again. Secondly, one of our selling points is exactly this, to offer temporary, seasonal resources to offload the burden of hiring and training temporary staff. If we take into account that we were able to have the same agents handle several temporary campaign year on year, it shows that what we are doing, is working well. Great to see our satisfied clients return to work with us!

Some takeaway and learning points that we have also shared with our clients:

For any sales campaign, data base is crucial! Without a valid and up to date database, everything becomes much harder to sell. We’ve seen this over and again. Those clients that are willing to invest in developing their database, vs. clients who have out dated and incomplete data and believe a sales agent should develop their data base‘on the go’. Having a dedicated lead generation agent always sees a positive return on investment with a clearly measurable impact on the overall results.

We are thankful for how our business has grown and that we are part of the development and growth of so many impactful events and campaigns. We look forward to keep improving, and to keep providing profitable and reliable services to our clients!

From all of us at Spex Asia, we wish you a Merry Christmas, Blessed New Year and Happy Selling in 2019!

Daniel Malkiewicz, Director